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I'm a workaholic. I'm 25, I'm in school, am a graphic designer for MetroStateCollege, LivingCityBlock and MindEpic. Plus I pull some freelance projects and personal "fine-art" projects in my "free-time." I never wanna stop, I think about projects when I sleep. I feed on stress and deadlines, and good times in the in-between. I slightly resemble a hairless egyptian cat, and therefore have an unhealthy need to wear nice kicks, expensive t-shirts and ride a fancy bike in order to compensate. There's a good chance you've seen me sitting in a coffee shop on my laptop, I hate sitting in my house due to a slight case of adult ADD and need to roam and pace. I wanna help. I agree with Alex Bogusky when he says the creative sector is the key to progress and the bridge to a more sustainable world. I've probably wrote too much, I'll stop now.



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Denver, Colorado


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