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Brandon Schrichten
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I am the type that loves to keep myself busy with artistic expression. Sitting still and laying on the couch seems like such a waste of time and I always see any available free time as an opportunity to do something creative. I like to build my own furniture, restore vintage motorcycles, weld and fabricate all types of objects, work with leather, paint pictures for family and friends, explore new baking recipes, and design my own motorcycle parts. It is too easy to sit and make excuses for why not to do something and will end up causing you to look back on your week and think, “What did I do all week?” I want to make sure I look back and think, “What didn’t I do this week?” I have over 8 years experience in video editing and producing in Final Cut Studio; and am well versed in all areas of the productions process. I have considerable experience in working with projects from start to finish, creating and meeting deadlines, collaborating with team for proper cuts and edits, managing a team of editors, color correcting, exporting to all correct media sizes, cinematography with DLSR and HD cameras, working on solo shoots, shooting video for the web, capturing and importing material, creating DVD menu’s, and much more. I have always been fascinated with the post production process and love the freedom for endless creativity. It has always been a hobby first and a job second. I am always in an endless search for new material to help stretch my boundaries and get new ideas to obtain the skills that come along with it. I am a vintage motorcycle enthusiast that loves to capture the motorcycle world. Even though it is my favorite focus, I have also done product videos, documentary style promotional video for Kickstarter projects, tutorial videos, and other various styles.


Brandon Schrichten

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Thornton, CO

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