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I am a multidisciplinary designer in Denver, Colorado, and recently graduated with my BFA with an emphasis in Digital Design from the University of Colorado in Denver. My work demonstrates many areas in the design field, including UI design - including web design, lo and hi-fi prototyping, and wireframes - UX and design research, animation, application design, business and event branding and collateral, print materials, photography, and illustration. I also have experience working with small businesses to create branding concepts and logo designs. In particular, I pride myself on excellent listening and follow-through skills, and much of my drive in the creative process is rooted in the "why" of what I develop. I'm passionate about creating experiences that are appropriate and meaningful to the audience that a project is intended for, and believe wholeheartedly that great design should be crafted with its purpose always in mind. In the past I have worked with small businesses to create logos and branding concepts, and also created the logo, concept design, and some collateral - such as the T-shirt and posters - for the Amnesty International AGM in early 2012 here in Denver. I'm looking forward to what the next few years bring my way!


Ashley V. Feeney

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