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My solid experience as a Project Manager has allowed me to learn the necessary skills that are essential to a successful company. I have very strong organizational skills, and enjoy using them to see projects through from beginning to end. I am always interested in learning more- about people, products, technology- and learn quickly when faced with new challenges. You will find that I thrive at researching new projects and continuously find new ways to make each project more unique and applicable to the situation. In addition to my years of work as a Project Manager, I have also worked with companies in both Sales and Marketing capacities, and have a strong understanding and interest in both. While working in these positions, I not only created collateral materials, but also presented them in sales calls to clients and high level executives. In addition, I have experience running an email department and coordinating the look and functionality features of websites and lead generation paths. I believe all my qualifications and past experiences will truly benefit a company, as I understand all aspects of what it takes to complete projects successfully and sell a product.


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