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I'm at my best when there's too much to do, not enough time, and "oh yeah, it has to be super slick and totally AWESOME." Call it productive creativity. Or maybe creative productivity. Whatever it is, I enjoy the challenge of being stretched in many directions at once and seeing what comes out of that. My professional journey has led me down many diverse paths in many directions, teaching me something at each stop. Most of those little lessons felt insignificant at the time, but have become pieces to a ridiculously AWESOME puzzle that's finally coming together. My resume and references talk about what I can do: Other things I care about, in no particular order: Local | Community | Collaboration | Twitter | Instagram | Okay, All Social Media | Evernote | GTD/Productivity | Minimalism | Mutemath | Clouds | Trains | Dreams | Running | Hiking | Vegetables | Fish Tacos | Wine | Hand Made Screen Printed Concert Posters | The Word AWESOME Professional Goals: Be in a position where I can curate, then daily interact with, a vibrant, passionate community of fans, followers or customers; and to care as deeply about the product or cause as they do.


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