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Amanda V.
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Give it all you got, good is never enough, let’s make it better, hurry up and solve, kind of gal seeks big hearty budgets to manage, hairy problems to solve, and inspirational people to collaborate with. Thinks macro, plays fair, gets her hands dirty, and still feels an adrenaline rush when she’s up to present her ideas. Likes Helvetica, but prefers hand drawn type, abhors structure but likes Haiku, and knows how to be organized to get it done. Loves singing with the mariachi, painting with filbert brushes, cooking with saffron, and run on sentences that end in 4-letter prepositions. Has collaborated on killer projects with amazing people, which she now calls friends and insists on feeding them home-cooking because her mama taught her well. Loves a challenge, doesn’t comprehend why people get bored, and will always take one for the team. So now that you know where to find her, please, touch base so that you and she can make beautiful design together, solve big beefy communication problems (on time and within budget of course), and bring ideas to life.


Amanda Villalobos

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Denver, CO


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