Corner Fuentes-Ledesma Sts., Iloilo City Phillippines



Al Gomez is the founder of Dlinkers Company, and an SEO expert who offers strategic advices and solutions to website owners in their problems with their sites. He conducts in-depth analysis of the status and potential of the website to identify the areas for improvement and the courses and actions to take for its development. The central brain of the development of his company, he is constantly in search for further better alternative strategies that will acquire better results. Al has made his blog AlSEOBlog to be a venue wherein website owners can reach him for consultation of their concerns and also featuring his working experiences with his SEO services company, Dlinkers, as well as his insights in the latest updates and changes in the industry. Well respected for his accommodating attitude towards these consultations, he makes time despite his busy schedule to cater to the questions and concerns of those who are in need of his professional help.


Al Gomez


Corner Fuentes-Ledesma Sts., Iloilo City Phillippines


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