Design Intern

Type of work: Internship
Location: Centennial, CO
Company URL:
Date Posted: February 26th, 2014

WORKHORSE 45 is stretching out to help cultivate young talent (and get some extra work done in the process). We have an immediate opening for a rising star.

W45 is a wee-but-mighty agency. We're rolling up on 4 full years in business and have quietly built a few national startup brands. We don't brag too much or try to steal the spotlight from others. We just go about our business in a fun way.

If you possess genuine talent, a strong back (figuratively) and an unmatched work ethic, we'd like you to join our team for a little while… maybe longer. This job requires a few extra skills:

• Good working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
• An impressive mind

• Ability to be flexible and sometimes do what's not asked
• A passion to learn

So what do you think? Sound good? Oh yeah, this is the part where you're wondering if there is any money involved. Like when you open a birthday card from your grandma, this job could have a sweet Abraham Lincoln in it… or if you're lucky, Mr. Jackson. Yes, there will be something. It may be "bonus" type pay or hourly. So show us what you've got and we'll respond in kind.

Can't wait to bring you on...

How to apply:

Please send your kit and any other relevant info to Don't be afraid if we don't get back to you right away. Sometimes we're real busy. But either way, we'll try to let you know. Thanks!

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