PILGRIM advertising and digital marketing

Designer/Art Director Intern

Type of work: Internship
Location: 1441 29th Street, Denver, CO 80205
Date Posted: June 18th, 2013

Overview of Position:

PILGRIM (formerly CCT Advertising) is looking for a Designer/Art Director Intern.

Our creative interns are expected to perform at the same level as entry-level employees. Sure, from time to time there will be files to file or groceries to put away, but most of the day you’ll be working on many of the same projects as our senior creative team, building your portfolio, learning about agency roles, and, of course mixing drinks.

You don’t have to have agency experience or know exactly what you’re doing, but we do want you to be ready and willing to learn. You should be in school or have recently graduated from a design/marketing/advertising program.

Ask questions. Be curious. Most of all: be hungry. (And hungry you will be, since we don’t pay.)

20 – 25 hours/week

Hard Skills:
Hot for typography
Kerning aficionado
Production skills
Stock image search machine
Comping wizard
Illustration skills (a plus)

Software Skills:
Adobe CS5 Creative Suite
Final Cut Pro (optional)

Soft Skills:
Cooperative and fun to work with
Organized and responsive
Sensitive to deadlines
Creative thinker
Able to multi-task effectively
Team player
Ready to learn
Snappy dresser
Good aesthetic sense
Supply cabinet organization
Crazy good (and good crazy)
Bartending experience a plus

How to apply:

Send resume and cover letter to info@thinkpilgrim.com

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