Craft Boom

Social Media Marketing Intern

Type of work: Internship
Location: Ballpark Neighborhood, Denver CO
Company URL:
Date Posted: October 17th, 2013

Craft Boom is seeking a social media and PR intern. The position is open to all motivated persons who enjoy locally produced craft consumables and spend an inordinate amount of time talking to people both in person and virtually. You will be required to attend a weekly Tuesday night meeting and spend the week tweeting/following, facebooking/friending, blogging/commenting, emailing, marketing and promoting our latest product You will be the voice of our product and will engage our audience.

About Us:
Craft Boom is a Denver based company dedicated to the promotion of locally produced and consumed crafts such as beer, wine, liquor and coffee. We a the creators of, a digital marketing platform that connects craft producers with craft consumers. Craft Boom is ready to explode on the craft scene and we need a motivated and social media savvy team member who can convey our message to our audience.

About you:
At least 21
Enjoy locally produced craft consumables
Active on multiple social media platforms
Write in an active voice with good grammar
Focus on customer service and making people happy
Consistent, reliable, repeatable messaging
Biker (pedal)

How to apply:

Fill out the application on our website:
Tweet at us! @craftedhere
Write on our Craft-Boom Facebook wall
Send an email directly to Mike

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