arraeCreative Agency

Internship: Front-End Developer

Type of work: Internship
Location: Denver, CO
Company URL:
Date Posted: November 13th, 2012

The Scoop
Our internship-level developers often come in with one or two skills mastered, and seek to extend or further refine their understanding of technology. This role is a great starting point for recent college graduates seeking the start of a career, or the self-taught individual looking to hone his knowledge. Because of the broad nature of understanding, there is no easy way to identify the responsibilities of a Jr Dev, except to state that you will be working on a client application or website, and that your work will be managed by a senior developer in a very proactive teaching environment. This is one of those jobs that can become what you make it and a positive and humble attitude will take you far.

Our goal at arraeCreative is to raise internship-level developers to a level of understanding and expertise that they can quickly grow to a junior level position and manage their own small projects or teams within the company. This internship has a high probability of turning into a salaried job, for the right applicant.


Programming: CSS, HTML (REQUIRED)
Programming: PHP, JavaScript, C++, Java (PREFERRED, NOT REQ)
Platforms: Wordpress (REQUIRED)
Platforms: ExpressionEngine, Drupal, Magento, Modx(PREFERRED, NOT REQ)
Frameworks: jQuery, Kohana, Node, Zend, CodeIgnitor(PREFERRED, NOT REQ)

How to apply:


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