Treehouse Brand Stores

JR graphic designer

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver
Date Posted: June 6th, 2013

We are looking for a junior graphic designer to help with some of the
daily operations of our various video game related online stores.

Primary responsibilities (in descending order of importance--the more
you hit the better):

* Promotional banners/imagery (product- and sales/event-based)

General understanding of marketing and ecommerce is a big plus here,
but this will mostly involve strong Creative Suite skills and a good
eye for design. Our ideal person will also be interested in
identifying the important features of a promotion and leading the art
direction in such a way as to maximize its intended effect.

* Content management

Promoting a product is one thing, but we also have to get the damned
thing on the website. This involves a fair amount of very specific
fields to input (and understand) in our store's backend. You don't
need to be a programmer, but our ideal person would have a high
attention to detail and a level of comfort with computers in general
and CMSes in particular (have you used an ecommerce system before? how
about just some kind of blog software?). This is an important part of
the business, but strong enough skills in our other areas of interest
will offset a lack of experience here.

* Product photos

Bonus points if you can take the photos and manage our photography
workflow, but even if you're not taking them, we're going to end up
with a regular influx of photos that need some attention. Color
correction is important, along with some minimal retouching. There are
aspects of this that can be interesting, but it will be monotonous....
We know this, and will do everything we can to make sure you're not
buried and get to do more fun designy things in between photos; but
you should know this is what we need you to do going in.

* Self-directed work

We keep pretty busy, so we would like you to have a high level of
organization and will be able to take some initial direction and then
make decisions and follow through on projects.

* Video game knowledge

There a more than a few games to keep track of and know the difference
between, so being a fan of them will help you out. It will also help
you to know the kinds of things our customers will like and respond
to, which will help when you design for them. You don't have to be an
expert, and you don't have to be super geeky, but this is one of those
times when it wouldn't hurt.

* Nerf gun proficiency

We're not saying you're going to be shot _every_ day, but when the
darts start flying, it's good to be able to defend yourself.

We partner with some of the biggest and best video game publishers to
build, supply, and operate branded online stores with thoughtfully
designed and exciting custom products. We place a lot of value on
curiosity and are a small, hard-working team, so our ideal person will
want to know more about every aspect of the company and how they fit
into the various things that go on.

How to apply:

We value experience over education, so if you're interested, submit a
portfolio or some samples of your work, along with a resume to:

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