SparkFun Electronics

Director of Marketing Technologies

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Boulder, CO
Date Posted: September 16th, 2013

SparkFun Electronics is looking for an up and coming avant-garde cat-herder in social marketing. Half our DNA is resistant to the idea of marketing and half our DNA knows right well that it’s a required part of a healthy company. We’re hoping you can help guide us through this tricky balance. Candidates should have a mix of experience in social media, oddball culture, and e-commerce. The ideal candidate would be cut from the same fabric as one of our inquisitive, creative, snarky customers.

The Director of Marketing Technologies will report directly to the CEO. They will work within a team of directors that develop strategies and set the direction of the company. Our ideal candidate has experience getting the executives onto the bandwagon and heading the same direction. We have big goals at SparkFun, and tend to dream beyond our means. We try crazy ideas and sometimes even succeed at them. We are always growing, but also fighting hard to maintain our small-company culture. We strive to be open about both our successes and about our learning experiences.

Here’s a list of how you can score points:

* Worked in e-commerce
* Has multiple examples of projects that went viral
* Show us how you made your people’s design aesthetic stronger
* Demonstrated how e-commerce should and should not be done on mobile
* Dug through an API
* Celebrated the work of the team in a creative way
* Got really excited about an idea, launched it, and failed in a spectacular way
* Found an e-commerce needle in the haystack of testing and analytics
* Built something that scared the neighbors or local authorities

Please call out these points in your application.

Estimated responsibilities:

* Work with executive team to develop strategy and direction
* Promote SparkFun’s brand via all meaningful channels
* Guide the look and feel of content creation (printed materials, photos, videos, etc)
* Keep site aesthetic up to date with modern design
* Oversee user experience testing and interaction improvements
* Oversee the measurement and analyzation of the department’s strategies
* Stay abreast of emerging media and marketing trends
* Monitor and respond to all social media call outs
* Oversee sponsorships and donations
* Train staff on PR and media interactions
* Coordinate on site and off site events

A passion for electronics is not required to work here, but a passion for your job is. We're looking for a geek (in their own right) that can handle our culture and add to it in their unique way. Let us know if you think you'd fit here. We're aiming for a salary of $80 to $90k with some very good benefits on top:

* 401k with matching up to 5%
* Health insurance
* Disability insurance
* Dental insurance
* Eco-Pass
* 2 weeks paid vacation to start and 3 weeks after a full year of employment
* Yearly continuing education/ professional development fund
* Employee discount on electronic parts and kits
* Dog friendly workplace
* Subsidized gym membership or massage benefits

We have a relaxed workplace, where dogs are welcome (within guidelines to make sure to keep the place clean and safe). We give employees broad access to tools, parts, and education to tinker with electronics, e-textiles, robotics, and other flavors of physical computing. We have free beer on tap. We offer frequent parties and outings, along with a lot of special guest presentations and educational field trips. If you can’t tell, we are not an orthodox company. This both hinders us and sets us free.

References will be needed but we don’t want you hassling your high school band teacher with a, ‘this company might call’ email, so don’t worry about those yet. If you want to cut in line (and you’ve read all the way down to here), include the answer to the following trivia questions in your application:

* (Easy) What city was the first stop on SparkFun’s National Tour?
* (Medium) What’s the name of [this]( SparkFun dog? Really. We’re testing your online detective skills.
* (Rock Star) According to the interwebs, what was found in the camera enclosure at the site of the new SparkFun building?

To apply please goto [](

* Please include the answers to the above trivia questions within the Cover Letter box. We can’t consider applications without them.
* Feel free to enter your resume or upload a PDF of your resume.
* In the Additional Skills box we gladly accept web links (videos, pictures, pages, etc) to projects that you've worked on and would like to share with us.

How to apply:

To apply, please submit the required materials at The questions are listed in the job description, so be sure to read carefully.

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