SEO Strategist/ Team Lead

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver
Date Posted: June 28th, 2013

Job Description
This is a leadership-level position responsible for managing a “mini SEO team” consisting of you, a link building manager, and other shared company resources as necessary. You’ll be responsible for taking SEO projects from start to finish. Your day-to-day work will consist of on-page optimization, client communications and management, analysis of analytics and more.

This position will be responsible for ensuring the most current on-page and link building techniques and tools are being used, and that seOverflow’s goals for its clients are being met. The team lead will also need to ensure that hours being worked are within the client’s budget and properly tracked. The team lead will be the main contact for each of their team’s clients and will be responsible for the overall coordination of work among their team.

Essential Duties
This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with the job. Specific job assignments may include some or all of the following:

-Update client data as needed – Central Desktop, Liquid Planner, analytics etc.
-Familiar with the available link building and on-page budgeted hours and have a plan of how work will be accomplished within budget and on time
-Ensure teams are using the latest link building and on-page tools and techniques for all clients
-Contact clients on a monthly basis regarding results, things that could still be implemented by the client to achieve better results, and to listen to client feedback
-Work with other Team Leads to find resolution to client issues and implement better processes for completing work
-Look for new opportunities with clients to improve their SEO, PPC, etc. results
Integrate all other services provided by seOverflow into their project management (PPC etc.)
-Coordinate with staff which specific on-page or link-building tasks will be completed in a given period of time
-Balance between on-page and link-building tasks to accomplished desired results
-Bring client issues up to management along with suggested resolutions
-Complete on-page optimization tasks for clients
-Knowledge Skills and Abilities

Advanced Knowledge in:
-On-page SEO tools and techniques
-Link building tools and techniques
-Project management principles and techniques
-Conflict resolution

Skills In:
-Critical thinking and analysis
-Using computers and a variety of software, especially Excel
-Problem solving and systematic thinking skills
-Organizing and prioritizing
-Managing time and projects
-Solving complex problems
-Planning, forecasting and managing resources

Ability To:
-Demonstrate a high degree of integrity and accountability
-Adapt to unique and changing situations
-Work independently
-Synthesize complex or diverse information; collect and research data
-Generate creative solutions
-Demonstrate attention to detail; offer new ideas and concepts that may impact efficiency and reduce costs
-Identify and recommend solutions to problems in a timely manner; gather and analyze information skillfully; develop alternative solutions; work well in group problem-solving situations
-Develop project plans; coordinate and complete projects on time
-Produce quality, accurate, timely and reliable results
-Develop methods to improve work processes and performance
-Keep current on relevant SEO issues; maintain and expand knowledge;
-Adjust to multiple and changing priorities; remain flexible and open; demonstrate support for organizational changes and improvements; communicate changes effectively
-Mentor others and set a good example
-Exhibit sound judgment; support and explain reasoning for decisions; include appropriate people in decision-making process; make timely decisions; gain support and commitment from others

It is important for the right candidate to have a sense of humor and an easy to work with personality. Our team works closely together, so the ability to collaborate on ideas and have positive inter-personal relationships is crucial. Salary is based on experience. We are an equal opportunity employer offering a competitive benefit package including health insurance, 401k and paid vacation.

How to apply:

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