Creative Director

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: St. Louis
Date Posted: January 28th, 2013

RIVET has an opening for a Creative Director (CD) who is experienced in traditional and non-traditional marketing, fascinated by emerging media and dissatisfied with the status quo. The CD is responsible for leading concepting and creative execution with a team of art directors and copywriters, in close partnership with account service and planning. To be considered for
this position at RIVET, you need to be one of those people that:

Can write like nobody’s business.
Strives for ideas that make our clients a little nervous.
Knows that an idea is more than a 30 second TV spot.
Doesn’t wait around for opportunities, but creates them.
Is more concerned with what’s next than with what works.
Knows when to manage, and when to inspire.
Understands the strategic why and how, not just the what.
Can turn that strategy into a selling story.
Has a burning desire to make brands more meaningful and sustainable.
Has experience marketing brands across traditional, non-traditional, emerging, social and digital channels and knows how to make
one idea extend to all.
Understands the importance of branded content and storytelling to the future of marketing.

Bachelor’s Degree in related field of study
8 + years of marketing experience
At least 2 years of experience managing a team of creatives
Experience in new business development

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