Pure Brand Communications


Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver CO
Date Posted: February 7th, 2013

We are seeking the key member to connect our client’s brand stories and brand utility.

The Creative Technologist will introduce emerging technologies to spark creative thinking, employ technology to make ideas and experiences better, and manage the complexity of the digital ecosystem.

We need a thinker AND a doer – not a person who simply hides behind “jazz hands,” buzzwords and esoteric acronyms. Similarly, we have little desire to create throwaway websites and brochure-ware. Instead, we aspire to create engaging, lasting digital experiences.

The ideal candidate must:
• Possess an in-depth understanding of computer science, IT principles and software architecture
• Know how to code and be able to build early prototypes to test ideas, interactions and functionality
• Be familiar with mobile web app development, as well as, social media strategy and API integration
• Have experience implementing contact management systems
• Be familiar with development platforms such as PHP and Ruby on Rails
• Be an eternal technological optimist who hungers to “figure it out.”
• Be able to communicate and collaborate
• Inspire imagination
• Like dogs
• Bathe regularly

Additionally, the Creative Technologist will help identify key team members in the functional areas of Experience Design and Digital Production to round out his/her team.

How to apply:

Please send resume and cover letter to Jerry Stafford - jstafford@pure-brand.com

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