Front-End Developer

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver
Date Posted: March 1st, 2013

Overview of Job Description:

PILGRIM (formerly CCT Advertising) is looking for a Front-End Developer to head up the agency's programming efforts for websites and digital advertising projects. You would work collaboratively with our creative teams to implement web and mobile sites using web-standard technologies and a responsive design framework. This position would also serve as our in-house expert across internal teams, clients and information technology partners.

Benefits include a casual and fun office environment in RINO, high-profile clients, fantastic 401k and medical insurance contributions, and flexible work schedule.

Defining, communicating and enforcing coding standards.
Ensuring high quality creation of code.
Contributing to interactive design brainstorming and work sessions.
Managing subcontractors (as necessary) within budget and projects schedules.
Tracking and identifying new opportunities to improve our development methodologies.
Suggesting alternative technical solutions to meet client requirements more efficiently.
Timely troubleshooting and critical support for web technology issues that arise.

5+ years experience with cross-browser development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a strong familiarity with utilities such as HTML5 Boilerplate, and jQuery. Strong knowledge of:
Database concepts and backend systems integration
Browser/client-specific compatibility issues
Debugging tools and approaches
Google Analytics, conversion and retargeting pixel placement and troubleshooting
LAMP and open source technologies
UX / UI experience a plus

How to apply:

Please visit our submission page at: http://cctadvertising.submittable.com/submit/19743

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