Inside Business Development Rockstar

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver, CO (Lodo)
Date Posted: March 30th, 2014

NEWMEDIA was just ranked #2 by the Denver Business Journal in their annual list of Denver's Top Website Design and Development Agencies for 2014, and we are actively seeking a new, very talented Inside Business Development Consultant Superstar to join our awesome team!

About the job:

First and foremost, NO COLD CALLING. We have multiple lead generation sources and proven marketing campaigns, and a solid reputation, and generate a large and consistent number of referrals and inbound leads. Our clients generally know who we are, and they call us when they are actively seeking new websites, or redesigns of their existing sites, and they are ready to buy when they call. The typical sales cycle is just 1-2 weeks.

In this position, you can expect to receive fresh, warm, unique, company-generated leads and opportunities representing anywhere between $50,000-$100,000 in sales per week, each and every week. But these leads don't close themselves. You will need to be friendly, professional, knowledgeable about website design and development, organized and meticulous about keeping track of all your contacts, notes, emails, etc (we use a great CRM that helps a lot), and understand the importance of following up with prospects to get the deal closed.

We will expect you to hit the ground running. We will educate and train you to achieve the best results. With a generous package that includes base salary, lucrative commissions, bonuses and full benefits, this is a $100,000+/year position for the right person.

About the ideal candidate:

As it relates to the very big, complicated (six figures) projects that we do, we have that under control. This position is not related to that. This position is for the smaller, "bite-sized" projects. What we are really looking for is someone who gets these smaller website projects; simple Wordpress brochure sites, small e-commerce sites, monthly hosting, and SEO.

The ideal person handled sales/biz dev at another web design agency, or account management, and may have worn a lot of hats. They have solid experience closing qualified prospects. They can talk intelligently about CMS tools, including Wordpress and Drupal, and answer most questions that a small business client may ask, or at least know enough to have an educated conversation about it, and then reach out to one of our more technical personnel for clarity as needed.

Daily responsibilities will primarily involve responding to inbound leads from small businesses seeking new (or upgraded) websites. They are often responding to a specific offer, and have a good idea of what they want, and their budget. You will explain the value proposition of working with NEWMEDIA, get them excited about our ideas and solutions, answer any questions they have, and close the sale (with suitable assistance whenever necessary).

Good writing and phone skills are critical, as are meticulous notes and tracking via our CRM tool. Making incorrect statements by phone, or typos in your emails, will destroy the credibility that we as a company have worked so hard and for so many years to build. It is because of this credibility, combined with our creative and technical expertise, that these clients call us, and trust us, and are so ready to work with us. We must never lose sight of the importance of that at every possible turn.

Website Design, Wordpress/Drupal, and SEO/PPC/Social Media experience are major pluses. If you understand the bigger picture of what makes for a killer website, you can be very successful.

You will follow established and proven systems, track all your communication meticulously with our CRM, and ensure that you thoroughly document and convey accurate project details between the clients and the design/development team responsible for delivering the work. You will be incredibly professional and courteous at all times, and in turn enjoy working with a truly talented team of individuals who do the same, but who also find time to enjoy themselves at the office every day. It's a fantastic place to work; we all understand just how lucky we are to be here on a daily basis, and you will feel the same way.

The job is full-time, onsite in our beautiful 6,000 sf. full-floor office in the heart of Lodo, between the 16th Street Mall, Union Station and Coors Field. You'll have a great team of the best people you've ever worked with supporting you, and will be provided whatever resources you need to do the job effectively. We pay better than ANY of our competitors. If you are doing this work successfully with another agency already, you can expect to double your income doing it here.

** If you are looking for a change, but concerned about reaching out in case it gets back to your current employer, we will absolutely respect your confidentiality if you request it when you apply. **

How to apply:

How to Get the Job

Which brings us to the application process. No phone calls, or agencies, please. Email us at: What you do with that email or how you take it from there is up to you.

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