Senior Digital Art Director

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver
Date Posted: March 26th, 2013

Calling all qualified digital art directors: Motive is looking for you. Our ever-increasing client list, workload and opportunity for creative expression are extraordinarily demanding, and so we’re looking for an exceptional mind to step in and help us keep our level of output and quality at the highest they’ve ever been. Think you’re up to the challenge? Read on.

Our ideal senior-level digital art director is more than just a ‘designer’ or a ‘developer’ in the traditional sense. Perfection takes the shape of a solid and proven conceptual thinker, fully dialed into content strategy, UX and UI. Your knowledge of front-end development would be so intimate it borders on perverse. Your fluency in languages from HTML and CSS to Javascript/jQuery, and your proficiency on Wordpress (and hopefully Drupal, Sass/Compass and PHP, too) would be so impressive, they might even scare us a little.

In addition to the more expected needs outlined above, we’re also looking for someone with a presence within and understanding of the marketing landscape. If you’re right for this job, you’re most likely a natural leader, recognized not only for your outgoing personality but for the fact that you have one of those airs of confidence and cool that's hard to put a finger on. Oh, and any experience with youth and millennial brands is a definite plus.

If this sounds like you, we should probably set something up.

Job Responsibilities:
• Organize and oversee creative projects in the digital space.
• Participate in and/or lead big idea thinking sessions.
• Work with art directors, copywriters, developers and client services teams to ideate and develop design direction and concepts for projects and accounts.
• Design for digital and non-digital creative client deliverables.
• Manage and foster client relationships and communications in an amicable, professional manner.
• Stay on the bleeding edge of new information regarding key accounts and projects.
• Take charge of various projects and see them through from start to finish.
• Take established design and run with it. (Yes, we mean production.)

Candidate Requirements:
• Absolute minimum of five years experience.
• Online portfolio of work (we want to see a website, not PDF files or Word documents).
• Exceptional communication skills and experience in presenting work to clients.
• Up-to-date understanding and ability to operate emerging design technologies.
• Ability to complete multiple tasks and projects within deadlines, as well as manage projects from start to finish.
• Passion for collaborative work with developers, designers and an account management team.
• Preparedness to take an active, beneficial role in brainstorming and concepting big ideas for client programs and platforms.
• Language proficiency: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery
• Strong understanding of content strategy, UX and UI—as well as an ability to manage teams and projects comfortably
• Capability for working with Wordpress (required) and Drupal, PHP, Sass/Compass (preferred)
• An intimate knowledge of the digital space and its continual evolution

How to apply:

Please email work samples and your resume to jobs [at]

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