Digital Account Executive

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver
Date Posted: March 26th, 2013

Before going too far, let’s get one thing out of the way: we’re looking for a rock star. If you fancy yourself a rock star in some shape or form, feel free to continue.

Are you a client services rock star? Do you have a strong background in the digital space? Do you have experience with website architecture, wire frames, and are able to effectively work with design and development teams to build sites that improve usability and achieve performance objectives? Have you worked on countless websites or applications, from strategy and development to execution and analysis? Are you obsessed with sticking to the bleeding edge of the digital landscape and infusing fresh, innovative ideas into programs? Do you know how to mobilize creative and development teams to get things done – often on short timelines? If you answered yes to all of the above, you may have earned the right to interview for a new digital account executive position with Motive.

What’s harder to gauge is whether or not you’ve got the intangibles needed to make it at this agency. Working at Motive requires a get-up-and-go mentality that is unwavering, and not just during the workday. Being a part of the Motive team means adapting to a lifestyle; it means upending traditional practices for unique approaches, gnashing industry norms with sharp creative teeth, and reinventing the way that things are ‘supposed’ to be done. It’s about chasing down and bringing big ideas to life on a regular basis. If you belong in this space, you know it. If you know it, by all means, bring it; we’d love to hear your story.

Job Responsibilities:
• Be the day-to-day manager for several digital accounts and programs.
• Bring the ability to multi-task and get the work done—on time, within project budgets and exceeding expectations.
• Pay scrupulous attention to detail, making sure to complete objectives efficiently and correctly without multiple revisions.
• Be the voice of the client: develop, execute and manage digital/interactive communication strategies and initiatives.
• Translate client assignments into meaningful briefs for Motive’s creative teams.
• Monitor trends online and communicate both internally and externally. Stay on the cutting edge of online initiatives regarding key accounts and projects.
• Experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage digital activities.
• Create and manage project timelines, ensuring that all constituents are informed and impacts managed appropriately.
• Participate in and/or lead big idea thinking sessions for the agency.
• Show a desire to be a part of something great and hold yourself to a higher standard.
• Have a personality and a passion for the business.

Candidate Requirements:
• 3-5 years proven experience managing digital projects and accounts.
• In-depth knowledge of how to effectively and efficiently get interactive projects scoped and completed, including the ability to help create site architecture, wire frames, content inventories, and requirements documentation.
• Excellent communication and writing skills.
• A willingness to work long hours, weekends and travel as needed.
• A strong ‘self-starter’ mentality and sense of responsibility.
• A positive, upbeat attitude!
• Experience in Workamajig project management software is a plus.

How to apply:

Please email a brief summary of why you’re the social mastermind we’re looking for and a current resume to jobs [at]

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