Motive Creative Studio

Junior Designer

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver
Date Posted: April 10th, 2013

Motive is on the hunt for a junior designer—but don’t let the title fool you. In all honesty, being “just a designer” won’t get you in the door. What we’re really looking for is a special talent with even more impressive intangibles. If you think that’s you, well, you’re very confident. And we like that. Read on.

To start, here are a few things you absolutely have to be for a shot at the job. You need a minimum of two years’ industry experience. We’re looking for a solid and proven conceptual thinker, dialed into everything from design and artistic trends, to music and fashion, to TMZ-worthy pop culture. You must be proficient in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator (and, if at all possible, Flash as well)—with a love for typography that borders on obsession. And while you shouldn’t be consumed by it every waking moment, you need to know the ins and outs of social media; hilariously topical tweets are actually a plus.

Now, the intangibles. Be a natural leader; magnetically attract people with your outgoing personality, unwavering confidence and effortless cool. If your friends go to you for guidance—be it related to new restaurants, weekend plans or general life advice—you’ve probably got the sort of personality we like to be around.

If this sounds like you…let’s set it up.

Job Responsibilities:
• Organize and oversee creative projects in both the non-traditional and traditional arenas.
• Participate in big idea thinking sessions.
• Work with art directors, copywriters, developers and client services teams to ideate and develop design direction and concepts for projects and accounts.
• Design for digital and non-digital creative client deliverables.
• Manage and foster internal relationships and communications in an amicable, professional manner.
• Stay on the bleeding edge of new information regarding key accounts and projects.
• Take charge of various projects and see them through from start to finish.
• Take established design and run with it. (Yes, we mean production.)

Candidate Requirements:
• 2-3 years design experience
• Online portfolio of work (we want to see a website, not PDF files or Word documents)
• Exceptional communication skills and experience in presenting work to internal and external constituents
• Up-to-date understanding and ability to operate emerging design technologies
• Ability to complete multiple tasks and projects within deadlines, as well as manage projects from start to finish
• A passion for collaborative work with developers, designers and an account management teams
• Must be prepared to take an active, productive role in brainstorming and concepting big ideas for client programs and platforms

How to apply:

Please email work samples and resume to jobs [at]

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