Morgan Branding

Graphic Designer

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Longmont/Boulder
Date Posted: January 18th, 2013

We are looking for a really strong designer with experience in all things design.

• Strong skill and experience in all things design: web, email, print, collateral, environmental, retail...everything. No noobies or greenies. This is not an intern position, and you will not be considered.
• Strong command of type. This is a MUST. (and you must hate Papyrus)
• Ability to talk to big clients with big budgets without sweating
• Demonstrated ability to understand client needs and "nail it" right away
• Ability to keep multiple plates spinning without sacrificing design or deliverability
• HTML & CSS knowledge and experience a must
• Ridiculously proficient in the Adobe Suite. You should be able to teach classes.
• Excellent written and verbal skills
• Silly good attention to detail

Competitive. Commensurate with skill.

How to apply:


Please submit the following to: info [at] morganbranding [dot] com
• "Designer - Your Name" in the subject of the email
• Cover Letter in body of email
• Resume in PDF format (again, designed)
• Portfolio PDF or link to Web Portfolio
• Links to fully-functional websites that you designed and coded yourself

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