Mile High Organics

Marketing Manager

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Boulder, CO
Date Posted: September 30th, 2013

Summary: Mile High Organics (MHO) seeks a Marketing Manager with entrepreneurial gumption to lead our internal marketing and sales force, and manage some contractor relationships.

Job Search: Marketing Manager

Reports to: CEO
Job Posted: 9/23/13
Application Deadline:10/11/13
Position begins: 11/1/13 or sooner

Telephone inquires lead to disqualification

Desired Experience, Skills, and Talents:
• Graphic Design
• Strong general graphic design skills
• Adobe creative suite proficiency
• HTML is a plus
• Solid eye for simple design
• Category leadership
• Grocery/Retail experience and knowledge of product placement
• Strong writing skills
• Previous experience with editing and proofreading final drafts of marketing materials
• Leadership talent
• Previous management success
• Manage brand look, feel, and message
• Precise communication skills
• Creative within boundaries
• High energy
• Hunger to lead our marketing team and grow our organization
• Willingness to work long, sometimes strenuous hours
• Previous experience taking on difficult marketing challenges and showing great results
• Previous experience working long and/or erratic hours
• E-commerce
• Previous experience working for an online retailer
• Experience with search engine marketing
• Previous success in email and social media marketing

• Execution of marketing strategy
• Management and creation of marketing campaigns/projects
• Leading graphic design projects
• Management and final sign off on outgoing communications
• Managing a marketing and sales team of 4 to 8 people: procedures, job responsibilities, scheduling, HR, general leadership and management

Compensation: Depends on experience. Cash compensation will be part salary and part bonus. Equity may be available.

About Mile High Organics: MHO is a premium online grocer based in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. MHO offers home and office delivery covering most of Colorado’s population. MHO is comprised of an excellent group of people, leading the way as Colorado’s highest integrity grocer.

How to apply:

• Please apply via email to
• Subject Line: Marketing Manager Application
• Please include the following as PDF attachments only:
• Letter of interest
• Commercial writing example(s)
• Graphic design examples
• Resume

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