Metric Theory

Campaign Manager

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: 1517 Blake Street
Date Posted: November 5th, 2013

Position: SEM Campaign Manager

Job Description:

The SEM Campaign Manager position is the initial phase in a career track that builds mastery in both paid search advertising as well as account services. This role is designed to provide you with the training required to drive demonstrable results on advertising campaigns ranging from $10,000-$500,000/month in budget. The role is expected to last from 4 to 8 months ending with a promotion into an Account Manager position.

What happens during the initial phase? You go through an extensive proven internal classroom and hands on training program led by the Metric Theory management team, which has a track record of developing over twenty SEM Account Managers in the past three years. During the training you will master keyword selection, ad copy writing, bid management, remarketing & more. You will use statistical analysis in Excel, Google Analytics and enterprise technology like Kenshoo to increase revenue, improve ROI and grow the online advertising efforts of our clients.

After the initial month of heavy training, we want to make sure you feel part of the action on the Account Services team. Therefore, you start to execute on live campaigns. You will be exposed to businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to 10-person eCommerce companies that rely on SEM to drive revenue.

The goal of the ongoing training program is to transition you to a full Account Management role where you will be responsible for your own roster of clients. Due to our growth plans, it is critical that the next few members of our team possess the qualities required to develop into strong leaders for our team in the future.


- University degree with strong academic performance
- Desire to become a pivotal player in a rapidly growing startup
- An inquisitive mind and comfortable with numbers; SEM is a data driven world
- Strong Communication and Social Skills
- Leadership experience in some capacity, either professionally or personally
- Demonstrable work ethic and drive for success
- Prior statistical, analytic or digital marketing background a plus

Company Description:

Metric Theory is a new Online Marketing Agency launched by core team of veterans with multiple decades of experience in our space. We operate in the complex world of Search Engine Marketing, driving significant improvement to our clients advertising accounts in Google, Bing and Facebook. How do we do this? Metric Theory uses sophisticated and data-driven methodology, top-notch technology, and utilizes an unrivaled training program for our team. Our passion for paid search delivers both top and bottom line growth for our customer's eCommerce and lead generation efforts.

The company has already seen explosive growth from inception, maintained cash flow positivity and has over $15 million in annual advertising spend under management. The client base has grown to encompass IR500 retailers, major national brands and some of Silicon Valley’s hottest technology companies.

How to apply:

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