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Executive Assistant

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: boulder
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Date Posted: March 8th, 2013

EA Superhero

Are you a superhero? A problem solver? A proactive person that thinks multiple steps ahead at any given time? Are you are a seasoned, talented and highly agile Executive Assistant? You're so good in fact, that the current and/or past CEO's and company founders you've supported think of you more as a Chief of Staff than an administrator.

If this describes you…then you are the person for us!

You would help manage and coordinate all facets of a globe-hopping entrepreneur's schedule. This includes: 

* Scheduling and calendaring of all business and personal appointments, meetings, interviews, speaking gigs and more.
* Arranging and coordinating complex travel logistics details, both commercially and privately on a global basis, including an understanding of international relations and protocols.

You must have the following skills and characteristics: 

* 5 years minimum of EA/PA experience supporting either CEOs and/or successful Entrepreneurs
* Exceptional organizational skills 

* Ability to anticipate needs and be VERY proactive! 

* Meticulous attention to detail 

* Excellent communication skills – both written and verbal.

* Professional multi-tasker. You can juggle many balls, sharp knives and objects on fire.

* Ability to accommodate and handle changes at a moments notice. You're so good you can see the changes even before they happen.

* Honest, trustworthy and comfortable working in a transparent environment

* Knowledge of the NYC area, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London a plus
* Great sense of style and artistic eye

How to apply:

please submit resume to:

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