Mid to Senior-Level Art Director/Designer

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver, CO
Company URL:
Date Posted: September 24th, 2013

At LRXD, we believe in hiring people we click with. People who set trends instead of following them. People who have taste and are self-motivated and passionate and able to take us places we haven’t been before. Right now, we’re on the search for a Mid to Senior-Level Art Director/Designer who fits the bill to help us serve our national base of clients.

You're an Art Director who can design or a Designer who can think conceptually. Whatever you call yourself, you’ll be responsible for creating fresh, engaging visual concepts and executions. You’ll be guided and inspired by the Creative Director, but you’ll be expected to make everything your own. We’re a company of unique individuals that works as a tight knit team. Everyone is equally important in making us and, in turn, our clients, well-oiled machines.

You can concept an idea — and then make it look good. You’re confident when concepting with a writer, when designing and presenting work, yet humble enough to take direction when it’s necessary. You suck up pop culture like a sponge. You were born with a sensibility for good ideas, type, proportion and visual precision.

Sense of humor is an absolute, as well as a working knowledge of all industry-related programs. Be ready to work hard (but not too hard) with likable people and clients in an energetic company blazing forward.

Highly competitive

How to apply:

Please email resume, cover letter and link to your portfolio to with the subject line "Art Director." Hurry, we need you now.

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