Intelligent Demand


Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver, CO
Date Posted: January 9th, 2014

ID seeks a Copywriter who will create compelling content designed to attract, convert, and nurture prospects into qualified leads for our clients. The right candidate will be expected to deliver interesting and compelling creative work that does more than just hang around, looking pretty. We improve our clients’ revenue, without which, we wouldn’t be here. So having amazing creative chops is a must—but using those chops to execute a sound strategy that has revenue impact is non-negotiable.

You should not only know how to use a detailed target-persona profile, but how to create one (or at least want to learn, earnestly and quickly). This is not a working environment wherein people hand you all the information you need at the beginning of a project. We think Copywriters should have more interaction with the discovery and strategy process. So, yes, you work hard, but you also become an expert on that particular client’s product or service, the personas being targeted, their buying journey, etc. This makes you a better writer, strategist, and marketer. And that’s exactly what we’re hoping to invest in.

• Start every project as a journalist would—research, education, and verification
• Develop strategies as a lawyer would—what’s the big idea? What’s the best argument?
• Produce work as a master Copywriter would—find a way to communicate that idea, based on the strategy, informed by your research, guided by best practices
• Never stop learning, ever. We stay ahead of the industry. So we not only seek out and learn best practices from other industry thought leaders on a regular basis, but we also develop best practices from within
• Be more than a Copywriter when the situation demands it. No, we don’t mean mop the floors. We mean access that part of your brain that cares about the entire process and never shut it off
• Be flexible—in turn, we’ll be flexible with you

• Minimum qualification: bachelor degree in Journalism, Creative Writing, Advertising, or related field and 2 years experience in copywriting OR 4 years experience in copywriting.
• Preferred experience:
o 2 years experience copywriting for online brand initiatives
o 2 years experience copywriting in an online creative or related digital field
o 1 years experience developing copy concepts in a content marketing and/or demand generation context
o 1 years experience copywriting in B2B environments/markets
o 2 years experience working for or with creative agencies
• Portfolio demonstrating the above skills (within reason, of course)
• Excellent organization and communication skills
• Excellent team member / collaborator
• Experience working and interacting with corporate clients, preferably in high tech, healthcare, education, financial services and professional services industries (you should have at least one suit at this point in your career)
• Experience in demand generation marketing highly desirable

How to apply:

Send your resume, LinkedIn profile and portfolio or URLs to Compensation is commensurate with skills and experience.

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