The Integer Group

Insight & Strategy Director

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Des Moines, IA
Date Posted: October 17th, 2013

The Integer Group® ISN’T hiring. We’re assembling. We are putting together the best collection of talent imaginable to create brilliant marketing solutions for our global clients. Because we have offices on six continents, you could potentially work with industry giants in packaged goods, automotive after-market, home shelter and more. As one of the world’s largest promotional, retail and shopper marketing agencies, Integer offers countless opportunities for you to shine—to be yourself AND be successful. Integer is a key member of TBWA\Worldwide, with an expertise that lives At the Intersection of Branding and Selling®.

We’re looking for a Director in our Insight & Strategy Group at our Midwest office located in Des Moines, Iowa. This position reports to the VP, Insight and Strategy.

As an I&S Director, you'll provide leadership, inspiration, and senior-level perspective on shopper-driven strategies that raise the level of agency work across our clients’ brands. You'll also help evolve the thinking and tools of the Insight & Strategy Group: Disruption (the driving philosophy of all the TBWA\ Group companies), strategic frameworks, research methods, shopper understanding, and original thinking.

On top of this, you will:
Spend a lot of time with clients – you will serve as a senior-level contact and lead on individual client businesses and brands.
Know what’s going on – you will demonstrate a solid grasp of current industry dynamics and be able to provide agency perspective on their impact, influence, and implications for client or agency health.
Speak with authority – you’re able to clearly articulate a strategic vision in a confident and persuasive manner to clients and teams, and connect the vision to business imperatives and measures.
Have vision – you can chart a course and paint a picture for projects, brands, and the agency.
Lead – you'll raise the bar for Integer and its clients. You'll also identify unmet opportunities and knowledge gaps and figure out how we can fill them.
Innovate your thinking – you will develop, test, and evolve your hypotheses about a wide variety of marketing challenges.
Role up your sleeves – You are prone to action, like to make stuff, and would rather try something than either overthink it or expect to pawn it off.
Grow – you'll develop professionally, and also help grow the role of Insight & Strategy with clients, the Midwest agency, The Integer Network and the wider TBWA world.
What makes you qualified?

You have huge passion for what communication and creativity can achieve in the world.
You have a strong interest in shopping and its role in culture.
You must be curious – and you must satisfy that curiosity with knowledge and wisdom.
You are interesting, so you inspire people and therefore the creative process.
You know a good idea when you see it and you can both nurture it and explain it.
You’ve a passion for change and the drive to create it.
There’s something unexpected or intriguing in your background.
You’ve done this primarily in an agency environment for at least 8 years.
You should really have some management & supervision experience by now.
Some experience working with retail brands or retailer trade and marketing teams is a big bonus – but let’s talk about it.
Hands-on qualitative research expertise (conducting or commissioning) – because you’re a great listener and enough of a scientist to know good research from bad.
Experience with quantitative research.
Requirements (i.e., the things HR asked us to put in):

Branding fundamentals
Strong analytical skills
Strong intuitive skills
Professional presentation skills
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
Organized and detail-oriented

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