The Integer Group

Digital Experience Lead (UX/UI)

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver, CO
Date Posted: February 6th, 2014

The Integer Group® ISN’T hiring. We’re assembling. We are putting together the best collection of talent imaginable to create brilliant marketing solutions for our global clients. Because we have offices on six continents, you could potentially work with industry giants in beverage, packaged goods, power sports, and more. As one of the world’s largest promotional, retail and shopper marketing agencies, Integer offers countless opportunities for you to shine—to be yourself AND be successful. Integer is a key member of TBWA\Worldwide, with an expertise that lives At the Intersection of Branding and Selling®. Follow our thinking at to think about who you want to be.

We’re looking for a Digital Experience Lead to serve in our Denver office. The Digital Experience Lead is responsible for working with existing Integer accounts to recognize and foster strategic creative opportunities at the intersection of business goals, brand touch points and digital opportunity. The DEL reports to the Mobile Director and must be able to see all accounts through a digital lens with a focus on user experience with special consideration to shopper marketing and promotions as well as above the line opportunities.

The DEL will be responsible for integrating into traditional creative teams and leading their digital solutions with the goal being: to provide clients with forward thinking, practical digital solutions that amplify their brands in the “always on” digital space. Teams will be led by the DEL toward the common goal of gaining and maintaining productive relationships through the creation of materials and sales tools that make activating digital efforts unavoidable for even the most conservative accounts.

Staying abreast of current and future technologies is a focus of the DEL. They must be able to understand the specific creative opportunities they provide Integer and our brands. These opportunities, championed by the DEL, will be used to sell in an over all digital creative strategy in order to set the stage for long term digital success. The candidate will leave every team he or she integrates into smarter with every project – educating them on the digital consideration set while leading or evaluating ideas.

This person will be well versed in UX and UI and be able to hop in and create best in class comps for sell in or for development as needed and work with a traditional creative team to produce the same. Design skills are paramount.

To do this you should have…

-7-10 years of digital creative experience

-Very broad knowledge of all things digital

-a strategic creative mind

-an impressive portfolio submitted with your application (URL preferred)

Get ready to deliver…

-Best in class UX docs and be able to explain and sell your proposed solutions

-Produce best in class UI on your own and know how to work with traditional creative teams to do the same.

-Be well versed in standard UI practices, emerging ones, and ones you dream up in your own digital head.

-Know your audience. Understand the difference between client, accounts, and creative staff and be able to develop presentations that provide clarity in each situation.

-Travel 10%

How to apply:

Interested and qualified? Apply and submit your portfolio online:

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