Digital Brand Manager

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: St. Louis - Downtown
Date Posted: September 10th, 2013

The Digital Brand Manager position is both exciting and diverse. It carries with it a great deal of responsibility and requires a broad range of professional skills and abilities. Ultimately, the agency’s goal is to help our clients achieve their business objectives through innovative thinking and flawless execution.

The Digital Brand Manager plays the critical role of implementing our client’s strategic marketing plans on a daily basis. They routinely interface with clients and internal teams to move projects through the agency with the highest degree of efficiency and success – both from a creative and business standpoint. This position involves critical thinking, being proactive, attention to detail, exceptional people skills and business savvy.

The position requires a strong digital expertise in a broad range of tactical areas including web development, email marketing, social media, mobile application development, search engine marketing and other key digital realms.

AREAS OF UNDERSTANDING AND COMPETENCE (Minimum 5 years of experience)

Clients / Brands

- Objectives and strategies
- Target audiences (internal, channel, end users)
- Client organization, key personnel and systems
- Markets and industries including competition
- Measurement / ROI / Value


- How effectively to integrate different disciplines
- Processes including creative, production, digital, media and PR
- Campaign planning process
- Billing process and client financial management
- Measuring success and how to attribute ROI
- Quality control measures


- Digital technology, applications, social media
- Branding, marcom strategy and process
- Traditional and non-traditional media, tools and channels
- Sales and distribution channels
- Consumer behavior, trends


- Interpersonal and communications skills – how you relate to others and how to work effectively with individuals and teams
- Professional development areas



- Serve as primary client interface on strategic and tactical issues
- Execute strategic and tactical plans
- Develop briefs, timelines and proposals/estimates
- Initiate and manage projects profitably – clearly defining objectives and deliverables internally and externally
- Prioritize workflow and manage workloads
- Ensure accuracy of all work and client communication – seeking 100% error free success rate
- Obtain necessary approvals – estimates, site maps, media, scope changes, layouts, etc.


- Prepare estimates and communicate them clearly to client and internal teams
- Manage client budgets and individual project estimates
- Review and authorize client invoices


- Prepare and maintain status reports and other helpful documentation
- Manage scope changes quickly, fairly and efficiently
- Interface and coordinate with other agency functions
- Connect regularly with other Brand Managers on the same client team

There are several characteristics commonly found in successful Brand Managers including…
• Proactive
• Business-minded – understanding how organizations function, profitability, etc.
• Detail-oriented
• Energetic
• Collaborative
• Accountable
• Creative
• Intelligent
• Explorative

How to apply:

Please include anything you feel is relevant to ensure you become a part of the HLK team including relevant education and experience. To apply, please send all information to

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