Senior PR and Social Media Strategist

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver
Date Posted: January 25th, 2013

The Senior PR and Social Media Strategist leads client work in the “earned” social media space. This role is part strategist, part enthusiast and part lead implementer. S/he leads support conversationalists who actively participate in various forms of traditional public relations and social media on behalf of clients or the agency. This position has to have a strong background in traditional media relations strategy development and execution. This person also directs activities that move brands forward using non-conventional tactics including producing niche content, interviewing brand spokespeople, engaging fans in communities and architecting social programs that will create followers, fans, friends and build relationships.

The Senior PR and Social Media Strategist plans and directs public relations programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for clients and/or the agency. S/he is responsible for interpreting the client’s strategic marketing plan through public relations and publicity efforts, through issuing press releases, holding press conferences, and placing feature stories, technical articles or position papers, among other methods. S/he must also have experience in crisis communications, from a traditional and social media perspective, as well as thought leadership development.

S/he is responsible for maintaining relationships with various publications editors, influential bloggers and client industry web publishers to facilitate advantageous placement of articles and releases in the name of the agency’s clients.

The Senior PR and Social Media Strategist also actively participates in a wide variety of social media activities such as blogging, community development and management, social bookmarking, commenting, etc., and is well connected with the broader social media world. S/he must be able to think strategically, but be willing and able to roll up his/her sleeves to help implement social media programs for agency clients.

This role is someone who must be a storyteller, a tribe-builder, someone who knows how to connect with people in a real and genuine way and help them to be part of something big… and who also can change hats to be the agency’s social media data, numbers and analytics expert to help clients understand the value of their social media programs.

This person recommends social media channels appropriate for client marketing, and guides clients in adopting social media strategies. The Senior PR and Social Media Strategist coaches clients, and agency staff, how to participate in the social media conversation to help grow customer-brand relationships.

The Senior PR and Social Media Strategist works closely with the PR team to manage and monitor the agency’s social media initiatives and participation, and works to grow agency staff participation in and understanding of social media as an agency self-promotion and engagement tool.

S/he should have experience, or be willing to acquire such experience, in as many of the following areas as possible: social media tools and techniques; traditional, new media, guerilla and “word of mouth” marketing; strategic planning; product marketing; press and analyst relations; business development; technology; operations; sales; financial and quantitative analysis, and project management.

S/he acts as a liaison between agency account planners and the social media teams, taking key insights from data such as buzz metrics and using this as the starting point for all social strategies. The Senior PR and Social Media Strategist also coordinates activities between the PR and creative teams.

Reports to: Vice President, PR and Social Media

PR Responsibilities:

• “Tells the organization’s story” using all appropriate media and communication channels.

• Generates and promotes ideas aimed at gaining support for client goals and policies from its target audiences.

• Serves as an advocate for client businesses; builds and maintains positive relationships with the public.

• Handles organizational functions such as media, community, consumer; conflict mediation; or employee and investor relations for designated accounts and/or the agency.

• Understands the attitudes and concerns of consumers, employees, and various other groups; keeps management aware of public attitudes and concerns of all groups and organizations with which the client must deal.

• Establishes and maintains cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups and with representatives from print, broadcast and web journalism.

• Stays current on new online and traditional PR strategies to bring new ideas to the client

• Manages the account holistically to create the best mix of PR and social media initiatives to maximize ROI for clients and increase opportunity for internal account growth

• Regularly participates in the thought leadership development of the agency as a whole via whitepapers, blogs, social media, speaking engagements, etc.

• Develops strategic PR plans, as well as other written materials for client including key messages, press kit, press releases, bios, byline articles

• Manages and executes proactive media outreach including story development; reactive and crisis communications; new media strategies; executive visibility initiatives (speaking engagements); and awards programs

• Assists with the development and execution of media events, press conferences/briefings, media tours, etc.

• Develops and pitches editorial/journalistic/media contacts

• Verifies information to ensure accuracy of media materials and contacts.

• Assists in developing proposals and gathering information for new business opportunities. Make contacts with new potential clients and play an integral role in the sales process.

• Manages supporting team members in the execution of projects

• Manages freelancers as needed for PR and social media services

• Schedules and leads all client meetings on their accounts, working closely with the Vice President of PR and Social Media and Vice President of Marketing Services

• Handles all financial management and billing duties associated with his or her accounts

• Manages all projects according to agency processes and procedures and using agency project management system, Workamajig.

Social Media Responsibilities:
• Performs high-level industry-specific research, deconstructing relevant case studies and uncovering insights.

• Coordinates with lead strategists, account planners, and creative people to architect the execution of all social media initiatives for his or her clients.

• Coordinates, directs and leads the daily production of content.

• Actively participates in client meetings; leads the presentation of social media strategies and tactics.

• Works with the PR team to lead agency’s social media efforts

• Mentors the agency team members as it relates to social media.

• Drafts briefs based on findings from research and industry observations.

• Educates and inspires teams in external disciplines

• Drafts participation guidelines for brands’ engagement in social networks.

• Contributes to account planning discussions and insight briefs. Creates comprehensive social media strategies, defining programs that use social
media marketing techniques to increase visibility, membership and traffic across all client brands.

• Implements and manages social media programs.

• Experiments with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities (“marketing R&D”).

• Monitors social media trends, tools and applications, and appropriately applies knowledge to increasing client use of social media.

• Strategize with and educates the client service team, as well as clients on incorporating relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture and into all company products and services.

• Measures the impact of social media on overall marketing efforts.

• Challenges clients and teams in the pursuit of appropriate and effective uses of social media.

• Ensures internal and external deadlines are met.

• Is strategic when identifying project deliverables and overall program strategy so the solutions support business goals.

How to apply: or COHN, 2881 North Speer Boulevard, Denver, CO 80211 - ATTENTION: Senior PR and Social Media Strategist Opening

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