Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver, CO
Company URL:
Date Posted: April 12th, 2013

Cactus is looking for a designer. A damn good designer. Are you the damn good designer we're looking for?

Cactus is looking for a designer. A damn good designer. If the list of statements below describe you, you might just be the damn good designer we’re looking for.

1) I have a portfolio that could stop a raging wombat in its tracks.
2) I have 2-3 solid years of experience.
3) I am a student of the craft with OCD tendencies toward typography.
4) I deftly design in all media including digital, print, packaging, motion and some
other stuff that hasn’t even been invented yet.
5) I pay attention to details. Check that, I live for the details.
6) I find opportunity for greatness in projects of any scale.
7) I’m a conceptual thinker who’s addicted to solving problems.
8) I swing for the fences. (Note: This is not a metaphor. Cactus has a softball team and we really need big hitters.)
9) I refuse to design web layouts that aren’t responsive.
10) I enjoy people. And I have reason to believe people enjoy me.

How to apply:

If you fit this description and are hungry to be challenged in a team-oriented, excellence-driven environment, please send your portfolio, resume and applicable references to

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