Burns Marketing

Interactive Designer

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Loveland & Denver
Date Posted: November 26th, 2013

Agency needs a rock-star interactive designer. Like now.

Is your digital design portfolio stupid good? We want you. So here’s the deal. Burns Marketing is a growing, full-service agency with offices in LoDo and northern Colorado. We build interactive experiences for a huge range of clients. Big and small. You’ve heard of some. Others you haven’t. Doesn’t matter. We just do our best to deliver exceptional work that thrills users and provides the most memorable UX they’ll have that day.

– Are you a loner who thinks collaboration is for people not as smart or talented as you?
– Do you say “um” every other word when you’re presenting your ideas?
– Have you listened to Nickelback in the last 5 years?
– Do you think branding gets in the way of a good web experience?
– Are deadlines a guideline?
– Do you wear ironic, hipster T-shirts to client presentations to show off your forward thinkingness?

Say “yes” a couple times above? No offense, but please move along. We’re looking for a tremendously experienced designer who’s not afraid of working with an entire agency team to blow people’s minds.

+ Can you lead the way in translating digital strategy and user research into beautiful, useful, and brand-driven design?
+ Will you step up to solve problems when needed, but be equally comfortable in a multi disciplinary setting?
+ Do you know the Adobe suite better than you know your cousins?
+ Can you inspire clients to change the world?
+ Do you know enough about web development technologies to be dangerous?

Answer “yes” to those questions? We can’t wait to meet you. Check out the full requirements for this job and submit your resume as soon as you want to get started.

All resumes must be received by 5:00PM MST on Friday, December 13.

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