Budget Blinds of Denver

Window Covering Design Consultant-Sales

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver Co.
Date Posted: March 5th, 2013

Budget Blinds is an in-home consultation window covering design service. As a Design Consultant, you will meet clients in their homes, determine the best product for their space, show them samples, measure, price, and finalize their order. Because we do not have a showroom, our consultants are required to use their own vehicles to transport and store samples. We work based on zip code service areas. The service area for Budget Blinds of Denver is:
From North to South- 1st Avenue to Belleview
From West to East- Broadway to Monaco
On occasion we work outside of this area, however the majority of your consultations will be in this part of town.

Why we are different:

It’s our mission to make purchasing custom window coverings fun and easy, with beautiful results.

It’s our vision to have happy customers that will work with us again and refer us.

How we achieve our mission and vision is what makes us different.

Our culture is unique.

We serve our customers, rather than sell them. Much of a design consultant’s job is to visit with people, and help them make their home beautiful. Then, earn their business.

As a company, we believe in empowering our Team Members. Our philosophy is: Do what comes naturally to you. We ask people to do work that best suits their talents and skills. This makes work not feel like work. It makes work fun!

We are a results based company. The result you get is more important then the time you spend to get it.

The results our Design Consultants are judged on are: Closing Rate, Average Sale & Profit Margin, and Referral Rate.
These are your sole responsibilities. We expect you to be the master of these three things.
Other team members are the masters of their responsibilities as well. (Lead generation, placing orders, customer follow up, administration, installations, etc-are all delegated)

We each have ownership over our responsibilities, and deliver so that the whole team thrives. Similar to a soccer team: we work together, but ultimately-when you have the ball, you have the ball.

There will be a probationary training period in which you will be paid hourly. After that time, you will be moved to full commission. (Results based)

We are creative, supportive, motivated individuals that come together to achieve one common result: our vision.

And why is our vision so important?
We know that as individuals we must grow and give in order to be truly happy.

When we strive to continuously create new ways to make our customer happy, we are growing. When we have happy customers, we’ve given them joy! Grow and give= happiness- as individuals and as an entire company.

In turn, when we grow and give, our revenues grow! And who doesn’t love that!

If you would like to join our team:
Please, do not send your resume. Instead, explain why you want to work with us,
give three examples of how your positive attitude has influenced your daily life, and list five natural talents you have that make you a good fit for this sales position.
Also, give two examples of times when you’ve taken ownership of a project or task and gone above and beyond to get the best result possible.

Send this information to vcallahan@budgetblinds.com

We look forward to meeting you!

How to apply:

Please send the requested information to vcallahan@budgetblinds.com

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