Vice President of Solution Delivery

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver, CO
Date Posted: June 12th, 2014

This position has overall responsibility for the portfolio of clienclient/partner/partnert engagements. This individual will ensure that programs and projects are constructed and executed that consistently meet and/or exceed clientclient/partner/partner expectations for on-time, on-budget, and on-functionality performance. In addition, this position will actively participate in establishing the strategic direction of the Solution Delivery team, and will ensure the collective organization is executing against the overall plan.

To accomplish this, the individual will build and motivate a team of highly skilled professional program/project, solution leads, software developers & consulting personnel that will be deployed to assist sales in closing opportunities as well as managing the sold engagements. This position will be held accountable for the profitable delivery of all sold engagements, and will maintain continuous communications with clientclient/partner contacts both through the project, and outside of it, to ensure project and relationship issues are identified and resolved as early as possible.

This position will have overall authority to manage the professional services staff and will work to maximize billable time per team member, while maximizing responsive to demands for service. They will work continuously on team member professional growth, and will be measured on retention, skip-level appraisals, and portfolio performance. Relocation package available.

Essential Duties:

Manage and motivate a group of highly skilled program/project management and technical staff professionals who lead, and work on Solution Delivery projects.
Ensure the staff strictly adheres to the blueCLARITY project management methodology.
Ensure processes are clearly understood and maximized to increase staff effectiveness.
Ensure all engagements are properly staffed; works with Sales and Account Managers to forecast upcoming staffing needs.
Participate in the strategic planning of all professional services activities.
Support Sales by meeting with clientclient/partners, delivering presentations, and assisting in closing opportunities.
Liaisons with key senior members of the Company to prioritize and coordinate the full spectrum of solutions.
Liaisons with Company’s contractors and on-shore/off-shore production teams.
Works to ensure the changing business priorities are accommodated.
Participate inLead negotiation of formal understandings with clientclient/partners (letters of intent, statements of work, etc.).
Develop ongoing relationships with key clientclient/partner contacts to ensure informal communication in support of projects and clientclient/partner expectation management. Work to anticipate changes in clientclient/partner requirements and ensure the Company is ready to respond.
Develop strategic relationships with business partners to enable the Company to broaden its delivery capabilities.
Serve as escalation point for clientclient/partners and project teams. Resolve problems with projects, team members and clientclient/partner expectations.
Work closely with the Office of Program Management to ensure “lessons learned” from project engagements are included in modifications to the methodology.
Work to develop skill sets, quality assure deliverables, and maximize retention. Work to develop matrix management processes, and troubleshoot as needed.
Maximize billable time for all members of the group.
Work with the sales team to develop and maintain staffing models that balance hiring lead times, resource utilization, and responsiveness to clientclient/partner needs.
Manage group revenues and costs to meet budgeted profitability goals.
Participate in evolution of project management methodology and processes. Ensure education of team members and deployment to projects.
Monitor project schedules, budgets and performance.
Regularly reports portfolio status to the senior management team. Escalates issues selectively but as early as possible.
Previous experience in project management required.
Previous experience in information and digital technology required.
Previous consulting experience required.
Previous experience managing professional services staff.
Significant experience with the creative/digital agency Institution industry helpful.
Practical experience in WEM/ECM platforms, e-commerce, Web technology, the Internet, software development, systems interfaces, database systems, clientclient/partner/server systems, system operations, etc.
Previous involvement in rollouts of complex applications systems solutions.
Previous experience in large projects (greater than $100K minimum durations of three months).
Experience working with solution vendors and managing cost estimates with the greatest benefit for the company.

BlueModus is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Relocation package available.

Desired Skills and Experience:

A Bachelors degree is required.
Graduate degree preferred.
Minimum of seven to 10 years’ management experience.
Experience managing large capital & expense budgets.
Strategic planning experience.
Balance of business and technology backgrounds preferred.
Experience with fast-paced digital technology agenciescompanies preferred.
Demonstrated career advancement required.
Ability to interface and communicate with top-level management and key stakeholders.
Demonstrated ability to build and motivate teams.
Excellent written and verbal skills (significant interaction with clientclient/partner management and executives).
Ability to make difficult complex decisions
Long term focus- visionary- able to see the end result
Ability to create an open environment conducive to freely sharing information and ideas
High level understanding of digital marketing technology landscape
Obvious involvement in self education and development
Team behavior through willingness to contribute to the greater good at the expense of personal gain
A focus on the quality process
Ability to create an environment conducive to contribution, growth and achievement
ClientClient/partner-focused behavior
Ability to motivate others
Ability to work with other people, team skills, with a positive work attitude
Ability to instill trust
High standards of integrity
Willingly assumes responsibility and ownership
Self starter--demonstrates personal initiative
High personal work standards
Willingness to make decisions
Mediation skills (Conflict resolution)

How to apply:

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and current resume to

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