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Account Coordinator

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: United States
Company URL:
Date Posted: May 28th, 2013

Ideal Candidate:
The ideal candidate for the Account Coordinator position has a focus on people and a deep passion for building relationships. This person is outgoing, persuasive, communicative and friendly with a “selling” and persuading communication style. This person is known as experienced in sales and is adept at sharing with fellow account coordinators the nuances of excellent sales tactics. He or she is brilliant at organizing and presenting all of the facts to help others come to logical conclusions. Must have 5+ years proven outside sales experience.

Position summary:
Support the day-to-day operations of a quickly growing marketing business by attracting new clients and nurturing exisiting clients. Stay informed/educated on latest sales and marketing best practices, and share that knowledge with the team.

Key Measures for Success:
1. This person is seen as succesful in sales, as quantified by his/her sales track record.
2. Clients and coworkers always comment on how friendly and personable this person is.
3. As a direct result of this person’s contributions, the company is on track to hit or exceed monthly and annual revenue goals.
4. Clients always see this person as one of the most important business relationships that they have.

Primary Duties/Responsibilities:
Sell and manage accounts by completing tasks such as:
1. Leading Discovery Sessions, Proposal Presentations and Marketing Plan Sessions to sign new clients
2. Participating in Kickoff Calls to integrate new clients and jumpstart new projects and presenting or participating in presentation of Brand Survey Results, Brand Messaging, Mood Board and Marketing Plan to client
3. Leading monthly and quarterly client marketing performance reviews
4. Becoming the go-to contact for all client marketing needs

•5+ years of proven outside sales experience
•Marketing agency sales experience preferred
•Experience selling in the medical/dental a plus
•Demonstrated closing skills
•Solid lead mining and business development skills
•Excellent organization and communication (verbal and written) skills

Compensation and Benefits
This is a contract plus commission position. 1099 contractor will be offered base pay plus commission. Flexible work hours.

Big Buzz serves as an example for other agencies by creating an environment where teammates are excited to come to work in the morning. Our values include:
1. Health and Happiness
2. Communication and Collaboration
3. Honesty and Openness
4. Talent and People

How to apply:

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to

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