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Meetings & Shows Creative Director

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date Posted: February 19th, 2014

The Meetings and Shows Team is seeking interest for a Creative Director to join their team.

There are people who see the bigger picture.

There are people who see the details.

And then there’s you.

You’re a Creative Director who loves bringing a big idea to life through meetings, shows, and events. You work with a client to understand their business objectives. You take their message and can put an overarching creative vision to it—and share it in a way no one else can. A Creative Director like you can do it all:

• Present like no one else can
• Drive everything from theme to elements and staging
• Understand costs and can creatively make the most of any budget…
• Stay updated on the latest tech—and can’t wait to find ways to use it
• See a project through—all the way from the creative pitch to thunderous applause

If your ideas are something to be reckoned with…
If your production crews love working with you…
If you want to make outstanding work for Fortune 1000 clients…
If you want to work with an award-winning Meetings & Shows team as passionate as you are…
If you thrive on the success of onstage meetings, shows, and events…
and if you’re up for a challenge…

You could be just who we’re looking for.

• 3+ years working as a Creative Director for meetings/shows/events at a major meeting/show/event company
• College degree in a related field: Theatre/Video/Communications
• You have a brilliant sense of how to tell a story through innovative techniques
• An exciting portfolio to showcase your abilities

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