Bayard Advertising Agency

Digital Strategist

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Lakewood, Colorado (Belmar)
Date Posted: February 5th, 2014

Niche Recruitment Ad Agency seeks Digital Strategist.

As a Digital Strategist at Bayard, you’ll work on our client’s online media and web initiatives. Critical thinking matters most. In addition to being a great analytical mind who can execute, you also know how to think strategically and collaborate. You’re day will primarily consist of filling “potholes” that only your skillsets can fill. From developing media strategies, to managing campaigns, to providing analytical insight on KPIs, and even sometimes completing some light coding and design work – you will be our accounts team’s go-to person. “I don’t know…” is something that would never come out of your mouth.

About the Digital Team

We are a very small group that is ultimately responsible for the majority of Bayard’s billable media. Our team needs a very intelligent person who can ensure that our accounts team is provided with all of the insight and tools needed to pitch and manage our digital media. We need someone who can tinker - someone who can simply just figure things out and get the job done with little help or direction. Like doing campaign management, analyzing performance, and finding new media opportunities? If so, you'd like it here. We wear a many hats and enjoy it. Our small size also gives us the ability to try new things, like a skunk works.

Position Requirements

- An inane ability to think critically and problem-solve better than your colleagues and peers.

- 2+ years working on digital assignments at an advertising/web/design/digital agency, or equivalent.

- Near-expertise in online media campaign management – Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Display, etc.

- Experience with HTML/PHP coding, Wordpress, Photoshop, Final Cut, and Aperture.

How to apply:

Please send your résumé and a brief cover letter to

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