Backflip Studios

Promotional Graphic Artist

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Boulder, CO
Date Posted: May 1st, 2013

Serve as the primary creative force behind the marketing and advertisement of our mobile video games. Work with the Marketing team to devise and execute strategies for our games. Use your skills in graphic design, motion graphics, and other mediums to produce effective and good-looking marketing collateral to be seen by millions of mobile gamers every day.

This is a perfect role for a veteran (or a prodigy) who wants to break away from client-based or agency work to enjoy a high degree of independence and own the look of Backflip Studios – one of the hottest names in mobile and makers of DragonVale, the #1 Top Grossing iPad App for 2012. You’ll work in our Art Department with an incredible team of concept artists, 3D artists, and animators.

- Excellence in graphic design, illustration, layout and typography
- Expert-level mastery of Photoshop and Illustrator
- Basic proficiency as a motion designer and video editor
- Varied and flexible design style
- High degree of independence and accountability

- Experience cleaning up and rendering 3D to high quality stills
- Web expertise – work with and update our company Wordpress site
- Instincts for and background in corporate Marketing
- Brand management experience – colors, usage rules, etc.
- Experience with graphic design output for all modern mediums: web, mobile, video, print, large format print, embroidery, etc.

Example Tasks:
- Use in-game art assets to create several unique banner ad campaigns for a new game.
- Clean up and render in-game 3D assets for promotional design purposes
- Create a highly stylized splash page to be used by Apple or Google to promote one of our games. Take a few days to get it right. This is important.
- Incorporate promotional and/or brand graphics into our social media and web presence.
- Make a gameplay video complete with motion graphics and gameplay footage.
- Design company apparel, business cards, or event collateral.
- Work with print, apparel, sign, and other vendors to ensure desired results.

Position is on-site, full-time. No freelancers or agencies, please.

How to apply:

To apply, email a link to your online portfolio and resume to, subject line "Promo Artist – [Full Name]".

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