AOR Inc.

Web Developer & Designer

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: Denver
Date Posted: September 16th, 2013

We're AOR, and we're looking for a full-time, Web Developer & Designer who's looking for a small agency environment. We have a pretty diverse client list – from B-to-B to B-to-C. Having a proven track record of working in diverse industries and the ability to use the right and left sides of your brain equally could give you a leg up on the competition. Wink. Wink.

But possibly most importantly, we're looking for someone who has a sense of humor and is a friendly, ego-less, fun, caring person that likes dogs that we think we will enjoy spending our days with. Because we really do believe that finding the right "fit" is as much about personality as it is about talent.

- Front-End Development: Must be exceptional at hand-coding standards-compliant HTML/CSS and Javascript (we use the jQuery framework). Must have demonstrated experience of cross-browser and cross-platform rendering issues. Must be able to code emails to render properly in major email clients.

- Back-End Development: Must have a good knowledge of common PHP functions and methods, using them to solve any given problem. Must be comfortable working with MySQL databases.

- Content Management Systems: Must understand WordPress template development and use of custom post types (Drupal knowledge is a plus!).

- Web Hosting: Must understand the nature of domain registration, DNS, and web hosting, and be able to solve common issues such as site migrations or downtime. Most of our servers are LAMP-based.

- Metrics: Must be adept at parsing analytics results from several suites, including Google Analytics and server-based metrics like AWStats.

- Social Media: Must be comfortable with major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and understand appropriate writing tone for these outlets.

- Knowledge of multiple content management systems (Drupal, Mambo).
- Knowledge of API development
- Video: a basic knowledge of video formats and creation, in addition to familiarity with programs such as Adobe AfterEffects.
- Ability to work with multitrack audio processing using techniques such as ducking.

- Knowledge of *nix command line interface for the purposes of SSH.

- Skills in app development for iOS and Android.
- A full understanding and a generous amount of experience in print design and print design software and concepts (Illustrator, InDesign).

- A good design sense for a variety of media, from multi-touch campaigns to event marketing, newspaper ads to data sheets, direct mail and annual reports

Salary depends on experience. We offer a great package of benefits including free snacks and an occasional adult beverage.

How to apply:

Please direct your response to: (People who have done their homework will definitely get first preference.)

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