Amelie Company

Traffic Manager

Type of work: Full-Time
Location: LoDo Denver
Date Posted: February 26th, 2014

Traffic & Production Manager

Reports to the Business Manager.

The traffic & production manager is responsible for the flow of work through the agency, from internal scheduling through delivery. S/he opens all jobs entering the agency and assigns a step-by-step schedule of completion to each of those jobs as it is entered. Under the direction of the business manager, the traffic & production manager coordinates movement of all jobs through the account service and creative departments.

Each day traffic posts an internal status report of all active jobs in the shop, assigning a status to each job. Everyone in the agency should receive this hot sheet via internal email. Traffic also tracks and/or physically moves jobs from one step of completion to the next.

As changes in timing or scheduling take place, traffic must be informed so an accurate schedule can be produced each day.

• Opens all hard copy agency job jackets; makes (3) job jackets (traffic, production, art). Hard copy folders have the same job number/code as digital accounting and workflow files.

• Reviews daily work schedule with Account Director and Account Managers, production manager, creatives, production artists, and creative director.

• Reviews any Job Change Orders from account executives/clients and copies to affected agency personnel.

• Revises schedules and distributes to all departments a daily “Hot Sheet,” listing the most pressing jobs for the day and their current status.

• Publishes a weekly production status report to advise all departments of schedules and job status.

• Expedites all “crisis jobs.” Majority of work should flow through creative/production on a reasonable, scheduled basis, as directed and supervised by the principal and creative director.

• Notifies account executives when necessary to contact clients for any materials, information, etc., required to complete scheduled projects.

• Communicates regularly with account service about the current status of all jobs in progress in creative/production, based on input from production manager and creative director.

• Reports any problems affecting job quality, due dates and costs to account service, after being advised by production manager, principal and/or creative director.

• Proofreads all artwork/digital proofs (or schedules proofreading personnel).

• Retrieves client-approved materials from account executives to continue production process. Makes sure all material is properly signed off as approved by account executive and client.

• Regulates time to allow for an internal review of all concepts with account executive.

• Notifies the account executive when a job is completed, so s/he can review and close the job and alert accounting the job is ready to bill.

• Incorporates outside vendors or freelancers into the workflow process as needed.

• Enforces time management assigned to projects

• Obtains quotes from art and photo suppliers, freelancers and other vendors as required by production manager.

• Archives paperwork for all stock photography. Returns licensed, non-digital stock photography to source within the assigned usage period. Maintains licensing records on purchased digital stock for future reference.

• Maintains updated agency sample files.

• Arranges delivery of samples to client and agency personnel for all completed jobs.

• Works with media department to obtain publications’ specifications and extensions when necessary.

• Assists with billing.

• Researches specialty items and purchases items for clients.

• Responsible for managing production and other outside production partners
o Manage all day-to-day production activities
o Create timely process to collect bids from vendors on specific projects
o Negotiate production costs with vendors
o Coordinate PO’s and timely delivery of files to printers
o Coordinate timely receipt of finished work and accurate invoicing
o Press checks
o Overall responsibility for quality control
o Assists print production manager in coordinating schedules of collateral materials to arrive before final deadlines.


- Full working knowledge of print production processes
- Strong knowledge of paper stocks, inks, coatings, die-cuts, embossing, etc.
- Fast, experienced skill set and processes for collecting competitive bids from vendors
- Follow-up with vendors and tracking timeliness of project plus quality control
- Fluent in Mac operating system, with PC experience a plus
- Ability to set and meet deadlines with co-workers and external vendors
- Must be able to take direction and work as part of a close-knit team
- Must have a good eye for detail and a strong sense of personal responsibility
- Excellent organizational skills, ability to multi-task, eye for detail and previous traffic experience required
- Experience with Function Point software a plus

How to apply:

Please email cover letters and resumes to Please, no phone calls.

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