Varnish Studio Inc


Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver / Rino Art District
Date Posted: February 26th, 2014

Varnish Studio Inc – we create art direction, design, branding and consulting on rock n roll, beer, restaurants and video games. A place where we push to do the best every time, the first time and never accept average any time. We immerse ourselves in our client's world and make them look the best at what they do. We drink a lot of coffee to start, and some pints when it's done.

We work hard. We love we what we do and would not chose another profession if given the chance.

We are busy. We need people who understand what it's like to be unable turn off their eyeballs or creativity. Entry to Mid-Level designers that are teachable, collaborators, have flavor and who enjoy fun while seriously working, should let us know who you are.

We are located in the Rino Art District of Denver at the Taxi II development and think it's a cool place to make great work.

Introduce us to you and your work.

How to apply:

please show us your awesome (website/book/selfie/pdf/knitting/klout) :

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