Snowboard Colorado Magazine

Graphic Designer

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver
Date Posted: June 19th, 2013

Snowboard Colorado Magazine is a regional snowboard culture publication based in Denver. We build our magazine on the idea that snowboarding is inherently an expressive outlet - and there is no reason to censor such a thing. We are not a magazine interested in furthering a polished, neon-and-butterflies version of snowboarding. We keep our content honest and unfiltered and our design modern and sharp.

As we head into Volume 4 of the magazine, we are looking to make an addition to the company. Briefly, we are looking for our art and design wizard.

Position responsibilities include:

- Developing and communicating a concept and theme for each of our 6 print issues
- Working directly with our editorial staff to layout the content of each issue.
- Creating web banners, designing online features, creating logos, illustrations and artwork for magazine
- Working with event staff to create branding and logos/artwork for Snowboard Colorado events
- Preparing artwork for production (print, merchandise screening)
- Various other creative duties (as a small media company, everyone ends up doing a bit of everything)

Qualities/Skills we are looking for:

- An impressive design portfolio
- Experience with magazine layout and design
- Masterful command of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
- Web design skills are a huge plus
- Strong understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter)
- A passion for creating something different
- Ability to brainstorm and create with a group
- A sense of design and style that compliments ours
- Strong work ethic and a thick skin

More than anything we are looking for an individual with a design style we love. While a related degree or prior industry experience is a certainly plus, it is not required. And while a grasp and passion for snowboarding goes a long way, it is not a stringent requirement. We like to mess around with paper stocks, ink varieties, laminates and so forth to create more of a coffee table type magazine - the kind of piece that people hold on to. It is a job for print lovers, not necessarily just snowboarders.

How to apply:

This is a freelance position to start, however a full-time position is available for the right candidate.

Working at Snowboard Colorado is unlike working just about anywhere else. It's a real loose environment where a handful of individuals bust their ass to create a different and exciting snowboard magazine. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please send your resume and portfolio to

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