Freelance Spanish-Language Copywriter

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver
Date Posted: January 22nd, 2014

SE2 is a Denver-based agency that specializes in communications around public and social issues. We are looking for a freelance copywriter who is both bilingual and bicultural. He or she will work with our creative team on a year-long client project targeting Hispanics living in Colorado.

A few things that could make you the ideal candidate:
• si tienes un portafolio con excelente trabajo creativo,
• sabes la diferencia entre traducir y “transcrear”
• eres inteligente, ingenioso, conceptual y sinérgico,
• además de conocer el idioma español al derecho y al revés, entiendes los matices culturales, referencias, te dan risa los chistes propios, y puedes aplicar tu perspectiva única para producir campañas que impacten efectivamente a nuestras audiencias;
• eres capaz de convertir investigación de mercado, mensajes y estrategias en encabezados y textos atractivos, y
• si distingues con facilidad las diferencias entre los hispanos que viven en Colorado y aquellos de la costa Este, Florida y la costa Oeste.

• 5+ years of copywriting experience working for an advertising agency, marketing company or for your own clients
• Strong command of both English and Spanish including spelling, grammar and punctuation (si entendiste los puntos anteriores ya vas un paso adelante)
• Ability to think conceptually and contribute in brainstorming sessions
• Excellent editing and proofreading skills
• Ability to write great copy under tight deadlines
• Team player

How to apply:

Interested freelancers should send a resume, a letter of interest and creative samples that target the Hispanic market (preferably in Spanish) to Any questions about the project should also be directed to this email address. No phone calls please.

For more information about SE2, please visit

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