The Remington Collaboration

Senior Level Web Developer

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver
Date Posted: June 18th, 2014

Are YOU a Collaborator?

The Remington Collaboration is collecting SENIOR LEVEL talent in the Denver area in Web Design and Web Development. We are a virtual agency launching in the Denver area and need Designers and Developers to join our team. We offer Web Design, Web Development, Photography, Content, SEO and PPC to our clients at a substantially lower rate than our competitors in the market. How? We don't have all of that pesky overhead like the lofty downtown office, the expensive equipment and desks, etc. And in turn, this means YOU get paid more for your work. (I believe the term you're searching for is "Ballin'" or "Too legit to quit").

What's in it for you?

-You get to do what you do best - Design and/or Develop! We take care of the sales, customer service, project management, and billing.
-You get to work from home (or a brewery or coffeeshop or wherever). As long as your QUALITY projects are done ON TIME, you can work from the Bahamas with a daquiri in hand for all we care.
-WAY more cash than the agencies - and extremely competitive with even the highest paid freelance rates.

What you gotta have ::

-10+ YEARS OR MORE EXPERIENCE in Design AND/OR Development.
-A strong portfolio with various types of design and development on the web.
-Your own equipment.
-Ability to meet EVERY deadline - they are extremely tight.

We are launching (web presence with full blown ad campaign) in just a few days - Jump on board and check out the Remington Difference!

How to apply:

Think you have what it takes? Email explaining 1) WHY you'd be a good match and 2) Your qualifications. Impersonal cover letters, resumes, etc., won't be given a second glance. Impress us!

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