The Remington Collaboration

Senior Developer

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver
Date Posted: April 12th, 2014

The Remington Collaboration is gathering SENIOR level developers, designers, SEO/PPC experts and content specialists.

Our theory is straightforward and transparent – We don’t believe clients should have to pay agency fees for world-class, digital advertising work. Furthermore; we believe that developers, designers, SEO/PPC masters and content experts (ie - photographers) should be getting more than pennies on the dollar for their work.

Founder, Mimi Toliuszis, has been in the digital advertising game since 2007. She's done it all - Project Management, Sales, Strategies, SEO/PPC, and some development (HTML and CSS). She began The Remington Collaboration when she saw how much clients were being charged for digital advertising... and then she saw how little of that money the people behind the curtains were actually making.

So - we cut the crud. We booted the lofty downtown office, so our astronomical rent and light bills don't come out of your paycheck. We nixed purchasing brand new computers for each employee because we all have our own! What does this mean for our clients? Lower prices for higher quality work. Most importantly, what does this mean for you? Higher pay without the politics.

Here are the requirements on the position (will spare you the long, drawn out, bogus list and just name the key points) ::

- Senior Web Developer with 8+ years of solid experience (preferably even more experience).

- Gotta have a "blow us out of the water" portfolio.

- You need to be able to work quickly - our timelines are much shorter than agencies!

Schedule and Payment ::

- You will be on "retainer" for our jobs. If we contact you for the job and you're busy, that's fine! If you have the time to complete the job in the time alotted, even better.

- Payment. Better than any agency pays - and certainly better than most make freelancing. 'Nuff said.

How to apply:

Have we caught your attention? Drop us a line at (real email coming soon...). Here's what you need to include ::

- Resume.

- A note/letter telling us why you're a good fit for one of the slots available.

- Salary history.

- Anything else you think we should know/Any questions.

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