Back-End PHP Developer

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver, CO
Date Posted: April 21st, 2014


We're an excited and ambitious small team looking for an awesome back-end developer.

We believe in collaboration and communication. Someone who's excited about building the best solution and loves the challenges of a large application. We seek team members with passion and drive — and, of course, who write great code.


Printfection has built a large-scale application to help companies manage their promotional product marketing. We handle real-world physical products alongside online marketing campaigns.

Your role will cover the entire stack: from building custom frameworks, to handling multi-level caching, to fixing bugs and implementing quick fixes.


- Deep understanding of object-oriented PHP
- Background in every area of the LAMP stack
- Excitement to work with small and agile development team
- Two-years experience working with web applications
- Great at writing, communicating, prioritizing, and executing

Hours and Compensation:

- Competitive hourly rate
- Flexible hours (nights, weekends — you name it)
- Work from home (be available to collaborate in-person now-and-then)
- 30 to 60 hours a month

Freelance / Part-Time (expand to full-time if you love us and we love you)

Almost every member of our team has started as a contractor and ended up joining full-time.

How to apply:

Go to and click 'Apply for this position'.

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