Pekoe Sip House

Wholesale Sales Manager

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Boulder, CO
Date Posted: February 26th, 2014

This role is to be the regional outreach for Pekoe’s products and brand in existing and new markets essential for growth. As a growing company this position requires an entrepreneurial mindset wearing a variety of hats for sell in, sell through, account management, marketing, pack & shipping logistics, in addition to inventory management for sales and discounts.
This person is responsible for maintaining every standard of quality with Pekoe’s product, service and brand. They work with 3rd party and store teams building and directing growth strategies in their surrounding communities and within the sales channels. This person will deliver legendary guest service and experience, creating life long relationships with our fans and clients.
Focused on top line growth, the Wholesale Sales Manager is responsible for overall financial results. They develop systems, checklists, grow a support team and train team members as they work side by side for further individual development.
The Wholesale Sales Manager at Pekoe will report directly to the President/CEO and/or Board of Directors. This person is responsible for ensuring that the Pekoe mission, vision and values are understood and embraced by all team members.
Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:
• Leadership - Setting goals for the work group, developing organizational capability, and modeling how we work together for a common goal
• Establish measurable benchmarks for units and/or dollars or both for attaining sales plan
• Support sales people and teams with proper ratio of promotion and discount programs
• Establish a P/L or discount "floor" that cannot be breached (i.e. discounts, promotion, marketing support, sales, and commissions can not exceed what it takes for org to be profitable)
• Problem solving sales shortfall before the end of the month or quarter by adding value, not just giving more discount.
• Making the sales plan and working the plan by sku and season to increase volume for each account and general business growth.
• Developing sales leads for future growth and sales plans.
• Understand monthly financial sales goals and accomplishments to determine what is best for company profit centers.
• Making every effort to maximize both present and long term sales and gross profits.
• Keeping face-to-face contact with your sales people and you must stay current on financial data and inventory.
• Maintain inventory control. Review the entire inventory daily.
• Be sure that each product is available for immediate delivery as soon as possible.
• Maximize your merchandising efforts by seeing that units are attractive and attention getting. Keep clean, organized and select optimal product facing options.
• Develop sales forces by recruiting, hiring and training your people.
• Developing the most well trained, professional sales force possible and motivate them to perform well.
• Assist them in the selling process whenever needed.
• Constructively handle (or supervise the handling of) all customer complaints related to your department.
• Maintain a self-development program. Constantly strive toward continuing professional growth.
• Work to improve your sales skills, managerial skills, business skills and product knowledge.
• Involve customer follow up and supervise the proper use of the Customer Log by each salesperson. Review log where additional assistance might be needed.
Job specification of sales manager job description
1. 5-7 years of experience in sales management.
2. Experience with Microsoft Office
3. Experience using main stream social media platforms
4. Proven track record in managing and directing a highly skilled, motivated, successful and results-oriented sales force
5. Strong leadership qualities with good communication and interpersonal skills
6. Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements.
7. Willingness to travel and work in a team of professionals.
8. Proven leadership and ability to drive sales teams.
9. Able to operate in a fast-paced and changing market environment

Additional Information
$ Pay BOE USD/month (20-25hours/week)
% commission on paid sales BOE

How to apply:

Please email with cover letter, resume, website and any additional relevant information.

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