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Website Sales & Management

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Boulder, CO
Date Posted: February 26th, 2014

The Web Manager (WM) is part of the Marketing & Communications office. The WM is responsible for the management and administration of Pekoe’s Web site and intranet, providing support to the Pekoe’s content contributors, maintaining a system of regular site review, working with the marketing, sales and Web liaisons to develop content for all Pekoe departments, maintaining site graphics, writing and distributing the monthly E-Brief newsletter, blog, reviewing and editing Web submissions. This position works collaboratively with the Web Developer (WD). This position reports to the Managing Editor (ME).

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Web Management
• Manages and administers all editorial content and all graphics on the Pekoe’s Web site and Intranet.
• Prepares an annual content development plan and works with the WD and ME to implement that plan.
• Assists in the production and maintenance of streaming content to include audio, video, and Webinar content.
• Serves as liaison for content submissions and uploads from other departments and process requests in conformity with Pekoe standards.
• Provides creativity and innovation to continuously develop the Web site and intranet in order to better serve members and staff and to increase efficiency. Plans future changes to improve online success with our chosen markets in collaboration with the ME and WD.
• Collaborates with the WD in gathering information and making decisions relating to the Web site and intranet. Makes recommendations to the WD about design issues, upgrades, and security relating to the Web site and intranet. Maintains a system of regular site reviews, undertakes edits and repairs as needed.
• Operates the Web billing system and files monthly reports. This also includes reconciliation of daily deposits and sales reports.
• Conducts regular inventory management to make necessary online adjustments for what is in stock, out of stock and needs to be transferred in order to make delivery timelines.
• Conducts periodic testing to assess efficiency of the site’s navigation and maintain pathways to assure ease of access to site content.
• Prepares and circulates a monthly Web analytics report that provides data on user behavior, including general Web traffic, click-through rates, storefront efficiency, and the effectiveness of promotional buttons for the ME’s review.
• Helps to enhance SEO/SMO via social media platforms and best practices to grow traffic and sales on website.

• Edits submissions from content contributors to ensure that all posted content is consistent with the Pekoe Brand & Style Guide and that all approvals have been obtained.
• Solicits the submission of suitable content from Pekoe’s departments as well as from topics from the local and national areas, and other 3rd parties keeping with the Pekoe’s goals and mission.
• Writes, prepares and distributes the monthly E newsletter to all Pekoe members, weekly blog and daily social media.

Design and Graphics
• Communicates needs for original graphics, design, photography and icons for use on the website. Selects graphics and stocks art for home page, story rotation and internal page content development.
• Ensures all Pekoe graphics are in line with copyright laws and brand guidelines.
• Edits and places all art for Web site display.

Other Duties and Responsibilities
• Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications
• Three or more years of experience working in tea, communication, marketing or a similar experience is strongly preferred. Familiarity with the social media and the application of SEO/SMO is a plus.
• Competency with Web scripting, graphics, and inventory management. Familiarity with server-side updating, Web applications, and databases is a must.
• Experience with podcasts, Webinars, graphics, e-commerce, blogs, social media, and interactive communication capabilities.
• Understanding of the various aspects of Web site administration such as executing various types of global site modifications, applying site styles from an external cascading style sheet, and creating, deleting or renaming Web pages.
• Excellent interpersonal skills to work with individuals in non-technical positions i.e customers and team members. Flexibility and ability to work well with a variety of Pekoe officers, volunteers, other staff and the public.
• Strong verbal and written communications skills; strong research and analytical skills and problem solving ability.
• Ability to perform well under pressure; ability to set and manage multiple priorities with minimal supervision by setting a plan and working the plan.
• Excellent grammatical and spelling skills and ability to pay close attention to details.
• Ability to work with minimal supervision.
• Ability to handle and maintain sensitive and confidential information.

Additional Information
Hourly Pay BOE (10-15hours per week)
% Commission on Net Sales before shipping BOE

How to apply:

Please email with cover letter, resume, website and any additional relevant information.

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