Head Full of Ideas

Freelance Strategist

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver
Date Posted: February 12th, 2013

Hey, you.

You, with the five years in strategic planning. Or so.

You, with work experience in b2b healthcare.

Yes, we're looking for you.

We're looking for a strategic planner who has experience developing branding, positioning and marketing plans for medium-to-large healthcare organizations to help with a new client in need of as much. It's currently a freelance position, but could potentially be a part-time job with potential for growth. It will require client contact, and the client is in Denver, CO.

We need a smart thinker to help us help our clients.

If that's you, then we're so glad we got your attention.

How to apply:

Send a resume/cover letter/stuff about you to jordan@jordansher.com. We'll take it from there.

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